29 de enero Éxodo 29-30 y Marcos 11: 15-33

El mensaje del Señor a través de Moisés en el Sinaí es entrañable y exigente. "Has visto cómo traté a los egipcios y cómo te cargué con alas de águila y te traje a mí mismo. Ahora, si me obedeces por completo y guardas mi pacto, serás mi posesión preciada entre todos los pueblos, aunque toda la tierra es mía. Serás para mí un reino de sacerdotes, una nación santa”. Los Diez Mandamientos están registrados aquí en Éxodo y también en el Libro de Deuteronomio. La versión que aprendimos creciendo sigue los Mandamientos que se encuentran en Deuteronomio. Si bien podemos escuchar estos mandamientos desde un punto de vista crítico, los animo aquí a ellos en el amor de un Dios que los sostiene en ala

January 29 Exodus 29-30 & Mark 11:15-33

The Lord’s message through Moses at Sinai is endearing and demanding. “You have seen how I treated the Egyptians and how I bore you up on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself. Now, if you obey me completely and keep my covenant, you will be my treasured possession among all peoples, though all the earth is mine. You will be to me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation.” The Ten Commandments are recorded here in Exodus and also in the Book of Deuteronomy. The version that we learned growing up follows the Commandments found in Deuteronomy. While we can hear these commandments from a judgmental point of view, I encourage you to hear them in love from a God who bears you up on eagles’ win

January 28 Exodus 17-18 & Mark 11:1-14

Moses was a good leader. Many leaders are frozen in place. They want and have total control and listen to no one. Moses is looking to God, but he also listens and follows the guidance of his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian. Jethro suggests that he let go of some of his power to judge. Let otherwise persons in the community of Israel help with lesser decisions. The saying two heads are better than one. Is there a wise elder person in your life that you listen to? If not maybe now is a good time to pray to God to see such a person near you. Whether you are a parent, boss, manager or worker, it is a sign of strength to know when you need help or wisdom. No one person need be

28 de enero Éxodo 17-18 y Mar. 11,1-14

Moisés es un buen líder. Muchos líderes están congelados en su lugar. Quieren y tienen un control total y no escuchan a nadie. Moisés está mirando a Dios, pero también escucha y sigue la guía de su suegro Jethró, el sacerdote de Madián. Jethro sugiere que suelte parte de su poder para juzgar. De lo contrario, las personas en la comunidad de Israel ayudan con las decisiones menores. El dicho de dos cabezas es mejor que uno. ¿Hay alguna persona mayor sabia en tu vida que escuches? Si no, tal vez ahora sea un buen momento para orar a Dios para que vea a esa persona cerca de ti. Si usted es padre, jefe, gerente o trabajador, es una señal de fortaleza saber cuándo necesita ayuda o sabiduría. Ning

27 de enero Éxodo 15-16 y Mar. 10,35-52

"Moisés y los israelitas cantaron esta canción al SEÑOR". ¿Disfrutas cantando? Algunas personas cantan todo el tiempo, algunas casi nunca. Es bueno cantar. Creo que es un signo de un corazón alegre. Cuando cantamos al Señor en la misa, es una señal de que estamos dispuestos a dar cada fibra de nuestro ser para la alabanza de Dios. Entonces, ¡CANTA! Mi padre cantó cada canción en la misa. No creo que alguna vez haya cantado en clave. Puede que no haya sido lindo, pero dio su corazón y su alma para alabar a Dios. Entonces, ¡CANTA! Denle alabanza a Dios con todo su ser. No sé si al programa de Alcohólicos Anónimos se le ocurrió el dicho, pero ciertamente Dios entendió el principio, un día a la

January 27 Exodus 15-16 & Mark 10:35-52

“Moses and the Israelites sang this song to the LORD.” Do you enjoy singing? Some people sing all the time, some almost never. It is good to sing. I do believe it is a sign of a joyful heart. When we sing to the Lord at Mass, it is a sign that we are willing to give every fiber of our being to the praise of God. So, SING! My Dad sang every song at Mass. I don’t think he ever sang on key – It might not have been pretty, but he gave his heart and soul to praise God. So, SING! Give right praise to God with all your being. I don’t know if the program of Alcoholics Anonymous came up with the saying, but God certainly understood the principle – one day at a time. We do need at times t

January 26 Exodus 13-14 & Mark 10:17-34

Prove it. I can remember as a youth and as a child saying that a lot. Prove it. Trust does not seem to come easy in our world. So many speak but are really saying nothing. Can we trust our lives to God, will God be God? It seems that God knows our doubts. We certainly see the minute it becomes a fearful journey the Israelites are ready to go back to Egypt. Yet God does not abandon them in their doubt. He miraculously protects them and guides them through the Red Sea. See the hand of God today and give thanks for his protection. This is one of my top ten stories in the Gospels. This was a good man. In the eyes of Israel, a perfect man because he was rich. For being rich means, G

January 25 Exodus 11-12 & Mark 10:1-16

God’s will be done. I encourage you not to get caught up in a literal historical view of this last plague. Is it history yes, but that is not our concern. Our concern is to see that God will go to extremes to help us. No possibility left undone. Can you see the long view of your life? Can you see how the hand of God has guided you and/or your family? Is it worth honoring God with praise and worship for the good he has offered you? There is a supremely right way to do even this. For the Israelites, it is the Passover Ritual. To be celebrated each year in exactly the say way and lived every day. For us as Catholic Christians, it is the Eucharist (Mass) that we are to celebrate eac

January 24 Exodus 9-10 & Mark 9:30-50

Happy Feast Day to all my Parishioners of St. Francis de Sales in Idabel Oklahoma. Are you smarter than a Pharaoh? It really isn’t about being smart or not. It does challenge us to see how obstinate we are. When we choose to not reconsider our judgments or decisions that are contributing to or directly causing separations between our self and others – you may find yourself at odds with God. Which will mainly manifest itself in you becoming a tired, angry, old and sad individual? You may be tempted to say, “God hardened my heart I have no choice.” We hear that on the part of Pharaoh, “But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart.” – really? No God did not do that Pharaoh did. Remember that the

January 23 Exo. 6:28-8:28 & Mar. 9:14-29

Sometimes we feel less than worthy to relate to others, especially if we believe (wrongly) that the other is greater than us because they have a title or abilities that we do not, therefore I dare not relate. Moses says, ““Since I am a poor speaker, how is it possible that Pharaoh will listen to me?” even Moses did not feel he was up for the task of relating. God knew Moses, God knows us. Trust your relationship with God. By trusting in your relationship with God, you allow him to share his love with others through your love in word and deed. Moses will trust, and God will help his people through him. If you sense you need to work on your relationship with God, you are not alone. W

23 de enero Exo. 6,28-8,28 y Mar. 9,14-29

A veces nos sentimos menos que dignos de relacionarnos con los demás, especialmente si creemos (erróneamente) que el otro es más grande que nosotros porque tienen un título o habilidades que nosotros no poseemos, por lo tanto no me atrevo a relacionar. Moisés dice: "Como soy un pobre orador, ¿cómo es posible que Faraón me escuche?" Incluso Moisés no sintió que estaba preparado para la tarea de relacionarse. Dios conocía a Moisés, Dios nos conoce. Confía en tu relación con Dios. Al confiar en su relación con Dios, le permite compartir su amor con otros a través de su amor en palabras y hechos. Moisés confiará, y Dios ayudará a su pueblo a través de él. Si sientes que necesitas trabajar en tu

January 22 Exodus 5-6:27 & Mark 9:2-13

And God said, “Let my people go.” Let the depth of God’s care for us speak to your heart. “Let my people go.” Can you hear him? As with the Israelites, so with us, the trial and troubles of daily life much less the severe tragedies of life can overwhelm good people and keep them from hearing the Lord’s word to them. They needed Moses and Aaron to help them. Do you have people around you that you can talk to when God’s voice is hard to hear? If so thank God for them and use them. If not find such a person or persons. Please know I am here for you also. Moses spoke these words of God to the Israelites, “I am the LORD. I will free you from the burdens of the Egyptians and will deliver

22 de enero Éxodo 5-6,27 y Marcos 9,2-13

Y Dios dijo: "Deja ir a mi pueblo". Deje que la profundidad del cuidado de Dios por nosotros le hable a su corazón. "Deja ir a mi gente". ¿Puedes oírlo? Al igual que con los israelitas, también nosotros, el juicio y los problemas de la vida cotidiana, y mucho menos las graves tragedias de la vida pueden abrumar a las personas buenas y evitar que oigan la palabra del Señor para ellas. Necesitaban a Moisés y Aarón para ayudarlos. ¿Tiene gente a su alrededor con la que puede hablar cuando la voz de Dios es difícil de escuchar? Si es así, agradezca a Dios por ellos y úselos. Si no encuentra a tal persona o personas. Por favor, sé que estoy aquí para ti también. Moisés habló estas palabras de Dio

January 21 Exodus 3-4 & Mark 8:27-9:1

God spoke to Moses. In the Old Testament that group is a select few, but in the New Testament Jesus speaks to all who would listen. I have never heard the voice of God the Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, but I do sense his voice in many ways within me and through others and in nature. With Moses, I pray I will always say, “Here I am.” When God speaks to us, it is often for the good of others as here with Moses. I pray you will respond to God’s call on your life. It will probably not be easy, but it will be life-giving to those whom he sends you to. As with Moses, you will not be alone, God will be with you. Lots of drama in this story as there is in our lives. The journey we make

21 de enero Éxodo 3-4 y Marcos 8,27-9,1

Dios le habló a Moisés. En el Antiguo Testamento ese grupo es un grupo selecto, pero en el Nuevo Testamento Jesús habla a todos los que quisieran escuchar. Nunca he escuchado la voz de Dios el Padre, Jesús o el Espíritu Santo, pero percibo su voz de muchas maneras dentro de mí y a través de los demás y en la naturaleza. Con Moisés, ruego que siempre diga: "Aquí estoy". Cuando Dios nos habla, a menudo es por el bien de otros, como aquí con Moisés. Rezo para que respondan al llamado de Dios en tu vida. Probablemente no sea fácil, pero dará vida a aquellos a quienes te envía. Al igual que con Moisés, no estarás solo, Dios estará contigo. Mucho drama en esta historia como la hay en nuestras vida

January 20 Exodus 1-2 & Mark 8:1-26

The lengths we go to care for loved ones is inspiring. Moses’ mother and sister risk their lives to give Moses a chance at life. It saddens me when I hear of families that do not talk together and support one another. God works through all of us. We would do well not to work against God by our lack of caring relationships in our family. How are your family relationships? What can you do to deepen the bonds of love God has called you to share? Mark makes clear the depth of Jesus’ love for all the people. They need to eat. He will not let them go hungry. He satisfies there need. Jesus cares for you. Have you seen his love in-fleshed for your good? Jesus challenged the leaders of h

20 de enero Éxodo 1-2 y Marcos 8,1-26

La duración de cuidar a nuestros seres queridos es inspirador. La madre y la hermana de Moisés arriesgan sus vidas para darle a Moisés una oportunidad de vida. Me entristece cuando escucho de familias que no hablan juntas y se apoyan mutuamente. Dios trabaja a través de todos nosotros. Haríamos bien en no trabajar en contra de Dios por nuestra falta de relaciones afectivas en nuestra familia. ¿Cómo están tus relaciones familiares? ¿Qué puedes hacer para profundizar los lazos de amor que Dios te ha llamado a compartir? Marcos deja en claro la profundidad del amor de Jesús por todas las personas. Ellos necesitan comer. Él no los dejará pasar hambre. Él satisface su necesidad. Jesús se preocupa

January 19 Genesis 47-50 & Mark 7:24-47

To say Joseph was a blessing to all the people of the land of Egypt and Canaan is an understatement. But more to the point he was a blessing to his family. How are you a blessing to your family? Adapt and pray the blessing Israel gives Joseph's sons: “May the God in whose presence my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, The God who has been my shepherd from my birth to this day, The angel who has delivered me from all harm, bless these boys That in them my name be recalled, and the names of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac, And they may become teeming multitudes upon the earth!” Our faith tells us that if we are open to God and his will for us that we can see grace where sin has been. Jos

19 de enero Génesis 47-50 y Mar. 7,24-47

Decir que José fue una bendición para toda la gente de la tierra de Egipto y Canaán es una subestimación. Pero más al punto que fue una bendición para su familia. ¿Cómo eres una bendición para tu familia? Adáptate y reza la bendición que Israel le da a los hijos de José: "Que el Dios en cuya presencia caminaron mis padres Abraham e Isaac, el Dios que ha sido mi pastor desde mi nacimiento hasta hoy, el ángel que me ha librado de todo mal, bendiga estos muchachos que en ellos mi nombre sea recordado, y los nombres de mis padres, Abraham e Isaac, y se conviertan en multitudes abundantes sobre la tierra! Nuestra fe nos dice que si estamos abiertos a Dios y su voluntad para nosotros, podemos mira

January 18 Genesis 43-48 & Mark 7:1-23

When we find ourselves in stressful situations, it is so easy to lose our balance between our emotions and our reasoning. Both need attention and expression they are both gifts from God. You can hear the heart ack in Israel's concern for his youngest son. He does not want to lose another one. You can hear Judah's frustration with his father. How do you keep your balance or get it back when you are out of control or over controlling? A short prayer phrase can be helpful in opening your heart and mind to God. Something like: "Jesus Mercy," "Have mercy on my Lord Jesus," a short line of God's Holy Word can help give you the grace you need to focus more clearly on the need before you.

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