January 23 Exo. 6:28-8:28 & Mar. 9:14-29

January 23, 2018

Sometimes we feel less than worthy to relate to others, especially if we believe (wrongly) that the other is  greater than us because they have a title or abilities that we do not, therefore I dare not relate.  Moses says, ““Since I am a poor speaker, how is it possible that Pharaoh will listen to me?”  even Moses did not feel he was up for the task of relating.  God knew Moses, God knows us.  Trust your relationship with God.  By trusting in your relationship with God, you allow him to share his love with others through your love in word and deed.  Moses will trust, and God will help his people through him.   If you sense you need to work on your relationship with God, you are not alone.  We rightly bow to God.  We rightly acknowledge his supreme power and might.  As Catholic Christians we know we are his servants so when we come into Church, we genuflect, we bow our heads, we kneel before his presence in the Eucharist, and sometimes we close our eyes in awe of who is before us.  All actions that rightly speak our reverence for who we are before.  We are the people of God.   As we humbly come before him, know that he has come to us. He longs to be with us, to help us find the joy and goodness of relationship with him and others.  What would God’s answer be if you were to say to him, “I love you”?   Hear his answer with the ear of your heart, “I love you.”  

We have in this reading of Mark another great response to Jesus.  The father of sick boy says in response to Jesus call to have faith, “I do believe, help my unbelief!”  Does God exist?  Does Jesus really care?  Is there a heaven above?  Lord, I do believe, help my unbelief.   To doubt is to be human to believe is divine.  Don’t beat yourself up over your doubts turn them over to Jesus.  You and I are not God. He will take our doubting self and hold us till the fear is gone.  I do believe, help my unbelief.

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