January 27 Exodus 15-16 & Mark 10:35-52

January 27, 2018

 “Moses and the Israelites sang this song to the LORD.”  Do you enjoy singing?  Some people sing all the time, some almost never.  It is good to sing.  I do believe it is a sign of a joyful heart.  When we sing to the Lord at Mass, it is a sign that we are willing to give every fiber of our being to the praise of God.  So, SING!  My Dad sang every song at Mass.  I don’t think he ever sang on key – It might not have been pretty, but he gave his heart and soul to praise God.   So, SING!  Give right praise to God with all your being.  I don’t know if the program of Alcoholics Anonymous came up with the saying, but God certainly understood the principle – one day at a time.  We do need at times to plan for the future and prepare for it, yet we live one day at a time.    What is this day about for you?  Even more to the point, how will you this day give praise and follow the Lord?   One day at a time.  A good measure for all of us.

In Mark Jesus asks the ambitious James and John, “Can you drink the cup I will drink?”  They answered we can and they did.  It takes courage to be a faithful Christian.  The path that Jesus puts before us is not easy.  Love your enemy.  Be the servant of all.  Forgive 70 times 7 times.  How are you doing today?    Pray in the words of Bartimaeus, Master I want to see.  Trust in Jesus to open your eyes to see the right path to be his faithful Missionary Disciple.


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