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January 6 Genesis 11-12 & Mark 2:13-17

Babel stands literally and figuratively as our human effort to control our destiny, whether than following God's will. Explicitly challenging God's command from Genesis 1:28 to fill the earth. The people of Babel chose to isolate themselves in a city and place of their design. May our words and actions flow from God's will today, not from a desire to control or isolate others. With Abraham, the History of the Israelites begin. One can find the outlines of history in the Bible, but the way of Salvation is what colors it in. The Bible is first and foremost a book of faith. Growing in your faith means trusting in God and his ways so keep reading. God says to Abram, "All the families of the earth will find blessing in you." Our Christian faith is rooted in God's covenant with Abram. How have your ancestors brought the blessings of God to your family? Visualize the call of Levi as Jesus says to him, "follow me." No questions, No concerns expressed by Levi just, "he got up and followed him." We could speculate that he had heard of Jesus or maybe even listened already to him preach, but to do so misses the point. Which is, he got up and followed. Total faith and trust placed in Jesus. Talk to Jesus, share with him your gratitude and doubts about following him.

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