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February 4 Exodus 31-32 & Mark 14:17-42

The Lord says to Moses, “The LORD said to Moses: You must also tell the Israelites: Keep my sabbaths, for that, is to be the sign between you and me throughout the generations, to show that it is I, the LORD, who makes you holy. Therefore, you must keep the Sabbath for it is holiness for you.” How are you doing at keeping the Lord’s sabbath? As Christians, we take the Sabbath to be Sunday the Day of Jesus resurrection. What makes Sunday a holy day? In the family, I grew up in we never missed going to church on Sunday or Saturday evening. What a blessed gift my parents gave us in this example. I encourage you to give God the opportunity to meet you at Church over each weekend.

In the gospel of Mark, we have Jesus sharing with the disciples his body and blood at the Passover meal. He gave them in the bread and wine a way to stay physically in touch with him. To continue to know his real presence to them. From that first Passover meal to Mass today, Jesus wants to help us really know that he is really present to us, for us and in us. I pray that you can open your heart to this great reality of love. At times we may feel like we are the Betrayer or like Peter or like one of the other sleeping disciples, but Jesus did not take back his words to them. He did not give up on them. He came to them as he comes to us each time we celebrate the Mass. “This is my blood of the covenant, which will be shed for many.” The word “many” is not a limiting word, but an inclusive word meaning all. He has conquered all sin, so that we may have life – life eternal. Claim the gift Jesus gives you not because you are perfect and or totally free of sin, but because he has redeemed you and comes to you with the gift of himself.

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