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January 21 Exodus 3-4 & Mark 8:27-9:1

God spoke to Moses. In the Old Testament that group is a select few, but in the New Testament Jesus speaks to all who would listen. I have never heard the voice of God the Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, but I do sense his voice in many ways within me and through others and in nature. With Moses, I pray I will always say, “Here I am.” When God speaks to us, it is often for the good of others as here with Moses. I pray you will respond to God’s call on your life. It will probably not be easy, but it will be life-giving to those whom he sends you to. As with Moses, you will not be alone, God will be with you. Lots of drama in this story as there is in our lives. The journey we make through life is not easy, yet if we are on the path the Lord has set us on we will experience joy and peace in God.

Mark shares with us Peter’s confession of faith. Understand that to confess Jesus as Messiah (Savior) challenges us to follow him in all that we do and say. Can you hear your heart proclaim that Jesus is Savior? He longs for our faith and commitment to him, so he may show us the Father’s love. The power of the Holy Spirit within us strengthens us to make this commitment daily. Today, may you live your call to be a missionary disciple. Jesus says, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

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