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April 4 1 Samuel 21-25 & 1 Cor. 14

In all this drama is a shining light to see David stand up in 1 Sam 22:20-23 and take responsibility for his bad decision. Again, David shows integrity 1 Sam 24:5f as he regrets his action against God’s anointed. David shows compassion in 1 Sam 25:32 by hearing Abigail’s plea for her husband and people’s lives. He is turning into a real king for Israel. Can you trace the path of your faith life to this point? What have been some of the markers or turning points drawing you closer to Christ? Thank God for his work in your life?

Paul has his priorities. Prophesy and instruction are more important than speaking in tongues. Paul does not deny the spiritual reality of tongues but sees it more for personal growth than for the good of the community. I have had powerful spiritual experiences in my life but have never spoken in tongues. I certainly do not deny its presence and gift, but it has not to date been mine. Of first importance is the good of the Church and the unbeliever who seeks out the Church for guidance. Have you had an experience of speaking in tongues? Was an interpreter present? How was it a blessing? The Lord be with you all! Are you in agreement with Paul’s logic in regards to tongues?

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