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January 26 Exodus 13-14 & Mark 10:17-34

Prove it. I can remember as a youth and as a child saying that a lot. Prove it. Trust does not seem to come easy in our world. So many speak but are really saying nothing. Can we trust our lives to God, will God be God? It seems that God knows our doubts. We certainly see the minute it becomes a fearful journey the Israelites are ready to go back to Egypt. Yet God does not abandon them in their doubt. He miraculously protects them and guides them through the Red Sea. See the hand of God today and give thanks for his protection.

This is one of my top ten stories in the Gospels. This was a good man. In the eyes of Israel, a perfect man because he was rich. For being rich means, God had blessed him exceedingly. Then Jesus. For each of us, Jesus calls us to humble ourselves before God. For the rich man – give it away, then come follow me. What do I take (and maybe too much) pride in? Do I put my gifts at the service of the Lord? Are there areas in my life where I am selfish and need to be opened through the grace of Christ? Help me Lord to not walk away, but to be your faithful follower today.

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