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February 1  Exodus 25-26 Mark 12:35-44

I am sorry to have missed you all the last couple of days. The transition back into the parish with continued physical therapy was a little more challenging than I thought it would be. But I am ready to go now!!!

Can you find the time, even just a little time, to sit with your God? I hope you can, I know it is not easy and at times it seems awkward and or unproductive. But I tell you, your God wants to be with you and for you to know his presence and care for you. Hear the length that God goes to help the Israelites meet him. He gives them the VERY complete instructions for making the Ark, the Table, the Menorah, the Tent of Meeting, the Framework and the Veils, down to the last cubit. God wants to dwell among us. God wants to meet us. Being present to God is more than a moment. It is a life. God counts on our contribution to life here and now in a way that reflects his desire to be with us. May your words and deeds each day reflect the Godliness of which you are created. And in doing so may you be prepared to find in those moments of prayer your life’s partner, God, who is ready to be with you.

I love the simplicity that Pope Francis is exemplifying. It is not easy, but it is inspiring and right. Some of the scribes that Jesus encountered loved the trappings of their office more than what their office was to be for the people. It is a natural trap for any of us to fall into, whether that office is priest, parent, brother, sister or citizen, etc. May we recognize the dignity of God in each person and put on Christ, the servant of all.

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