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February 2 Exodus 27-28 & Mark 13

I could say ditto to yesterday, but I won’t. I hope you can see the roots of our Roman Catholic style of worship. Because it is of God, the Jewish people, as well as our church, marked out an exact path for praising God. In our world, it is at times to easy just to say and or do “let it go.” Don’t worry about it. However, it gets done it gets done. Do’s and don’ts seem to have gone by the wayside. If I say, The Lord be with you. You would then say. And with your spirit. Is there value in ritual and exactness? Yes. The following of ritual is a comfort. I don’t have to think with my head what I am going to say; I can choose with my heart to respond what is already there. You don’t need to, and the recipient would probably not want you to sing an original birthday song. Happy Birthday … will be fine and enjoyed. Our Church ritual is layered with meaning just as these Jewish rituals in Exodus. Use them well, be it the Holy Water at the entrance to remind you of your Baptism and commitments or the standing, sitting and kneeling we do, etc. All that the Church asks of you in worship can help you draw closer to the Lord.

It would end up being Chapter 13 of Marks Gospel that would speak of such troubling times and realities. Thirteen, are you superstitious? I’m not. The whole chapter is summed up in the last sentence of the chapter, “May he not come suddenly and find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to all: ‘Watch!’” Can you watch the world around you with the eyes of Christ? Jesus is a demanding Savior. He sees blessing where no one else will look. He sees a brother or sister in need and responds. Can you hear his command in your heart? “What I say to you, I say to all: Watch!”

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