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February 3 Exodus 29-30 Mark 14:1-16

The Temple and all that was consecrated to it was an attempt by God to help the people know that he was with them. For us, as Catholic Christians, our worship is not about the priest or the people it is about God. It is not about how well you sing or how much you give, it is about God. Yes, we need the priest and the people and singing and the gift of your treasure, but that is not what our time of worship is about. All that we do and say and offer as worship is to demonstrate our desire and need to be present to God and to seek his guidance in ALL that we do. Come encounter God this weekend at Mass.

We are coming to the core of the Gospel of Mark. With chapter 14 we prepare to enter the passion of Jesus Christ. Be in the moment. Try to see what Jesus sees. I might easily have been one of the infuriated disciples as the women poured the costly oil over Jesus. "Sale the perfume don’t use it up," I could have easily said that. To think as Jesus thinks is not always as easy as it may seem. That is why we want to deepen our relationship with him. He will help us to both do good for the poor and to do his will in other and maybe in different ways.

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