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February 5 Exodus 33-34 & Mark 14:43-72

Do you have a soulmate, an intimate friend, a best friend in which you can talk about anything and everything? Moses speaks of his relationship with God as an intimate friend. Is this his privilege alone? The God of Israel is different. All around Israel, the people, had many gods. A god for this and that, a god of good and a god of evil, etc. etc. Israel only had the one God, and they were his people. Moses desires a deep relationship with God. God is his intimate friend. With friendship comes responsibilities. Do you desire to be in intimate friendship with God? Can you sense his hand upon you? I pray you know his presence in your life this day. Talk to him he is listening.

And they all left him (Jesus) and fled. This must be one of the saddest lines of the Gospel of Mark. In times of trouble, is when we exactly need our friends to come to our aid. Here they all left. When Jesus needs you to be present to him in the person of family members, co-worker, parishioner may we not shrink from the opportunity to minister to Christ. For in caring for one of these least ones we are caring for Christ. Again, if your humanness gets in the way and you fail to care or help you are not alone. Even Peter ran and then denies Jesus three times, yet Jesus will help him through this trial and does not abandon him. Take courage, do what is right and know Jesus is with you.

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