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February 10 Leviticus 4-6 & Romans 1:18-32

God always provides a way back. You and I don't wake up in the morning thinking, "I am going to do some good sinning today." If we are doing well, we even pray in the morning before we get going on the day. And yet we sin. These are wonderful chapters in Leviticus. They show God's people that there is a way back from sin. From the priest to the general populace there is a way back to the grace of God. The scripture writer even gives us a break in the way it is said. "Should a tribal leader, (etc.) do wrong inadvertently." Which is saying, "there is no way you could have fully know what you were doing, or you certainly would not have done it." I know my sin. I may at time wish I didn't, but I do. So here God is gently prodding his people to not live in their sin, but repent. We as Catholic Christians have to beautiful ways to reconcile with God. The celebration of the Eucharist (Mass). In the Mass, we can know the forgiveness of our venial (lesser sins). The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) we can know the forgiveness of our serious sins and indeed all our sins. God's way is the right path to live life fully. God's way is what will help us find the most joy and love in life. Know it. Love it Live it. Seek forgiveness when you or I "inadvertently" sin, knowing God will provide a way back to his grace and friendship with all.

Paul also reminds us that we have no excuse. We know our sin. Don't go looking in this passage for someone else's sin. Our own is enough to deal with. Love is absent in the sinful realities Paul puts before us. For God is love as St. John tells us. Where love is found, there is God. So what Paul shares is not about God's love and the ways it comes to us, It is Love's absence that opens our hearts to use and abuse people and God's creation in ways that selfishly use what God has given us.

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