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February 13 Lev. 13-14 & Rom. 3:21-4:25

Wow, not even a scab escapes God’s scrutiny. He does care about our wellbeing. Don’t look at this as if you are the unclean person. Think about it as you are clean, you are well because the Lord wishes you to be well and he will do everything in his power to keep you that way. He must really love you. We are a Judeo-Christian religion. The priest is an intermediary between God and his people. Again, don’t look at this from the point of view that the priest judges, but that he helps the community remain close to God. The priest’s primary work is to make atonement for the individual before the Lord.

The letter to the Romans deals with the question of faith, works, and law. You cannot work your way into heaven. Even following the law is not sufficient. It is faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the obedient Son of God. A faith that is indeed supported by the good works you do because of your faith and your willingness to follow the Law of God, his commandments because you are faithful. Paul says, “Are we then annulling the law by this faith? Of course not! On the contrary, we are supporting the law.” Good works and following the law are the marks of our faith. You believe – show me (your neighbor, family, stranger) the good works that underlie your faith.

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