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March 18 Joshua 15-19 & 1 Peter 5

Joshua set the boundaries of the tribes of Israel. Marking the land of Milk and Honey that God had destine Israel to possess. It is an essential part of our human makeup to have a sense of where we belong. We are shaped by the places we occupy. Being from Guthrie, I have a strong and proud sense of the history of Oklahoma. What is it about you that is shaped from where God has you coming from or where you live? The Israelites did not simply walk into the land and possess it. The had to fight for it. They had a part to play in the work of God. What does God expect from you in relation to where you are? This is not about fighting for your land, but about why has God put you where you are living? How do you honor the gift that God has given you?

First Peter speaks to the Presbyters (priests) exhorting them to be examples of Christ’s presence. In First Peter we begin to see how the early Church moved on from the first disciples to the early Church. The early Church and its leaders are given some wise guidance that still applies to us as Church and leaders today. First and foremost is humility. The call to our Christian faith requires us to be sober and vigilant. The devil stands in place of all those people and realities that oppose Christ. Lent is a time to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. Are there areas of your life that need to be built up so that you may be a strong witness to the faith? Know that the God of all grace who calls you to eternal life through Jesus Christ will restore, confirm and strengthen you.

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