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Dec 31 - the Whole Bible in One Year

Our One Year Bible says in the introduction that you can start any month or day you choose. But the best month and day to start is January 1st. Not because it is the first day of a new year, but because it is the feast of Mary, Mother of God (World Day of Prayer for Peace). Luke 2:19 says, “And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” She treasured the WORD Jesus Christ. We are embarking on a journey to more deeply treasure the WORD Jesus Christ. As you start tomorrow knowing that Mary the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ is grateful that you treasure the words of Jesus, of the Father and the Holy Spirit. The many human authors of the books contained in God’s Word are praying with you. Challenging you to grow more deeply in love with God and to grow in the ways of peace with your neighbor. To see in your life the gifts of God shared with you out of love.

I look forward to each days blessings received from our prayerful reading of God's word. May you be inspired by the words you read to better understand the path of life God calls you to live. Peace. Fr. Steve

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