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January 3 Genesis 5-6 & Mark 1:29-39

There are some really old people in the Bible. Remember this is not history like our history today. The great ages of people in the Bible indicate how good they were in the eye of God. Live 900 years means God has blessed exceedingly well and tells us that we need to pay attention to this person. Live a short life and better get some thermal insulation because Hell is hot. The introduction of the Nephilim challenges us to see that sin can even affect the cosmic order of God's creation. As life continued sin unfortunately only intensified. Can you see how sin left unreconciled in your only life intensified as you moved on from its origin? The flood story begins with the acknowledgment of the state of the earth and the goodness of Noah. Pray that you may be attentive to the signs of the time and respond to God's call on your life. Jesus cares! He does not even ask for a response of faith, he simply grasped her hand. Her response is what is important. When we sense our Lord's action in our life we are to respond in service to him and our neighbor. "he left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed." Prayer was important to Jesus it is important to us.

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