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January 10 Genesis 21-23 & Mark 4:1-25

For the people of Israel God proved his faithfulness as Sarah become pregnant. God also cares for Hagar even though Sarah didn't. Be attentive to the hand of God helping you today? Not only that you may know his blessing, but that others may witness God's care through you. The Scriptures say the God tested Abraham. This is to help us see that Abraham was indeed entirely faithful to the point of being willing to kill his only son. Do not get caught up in, "does God really test us?" Did this happen? To do so misses the point. The point we are to see is that Abraham was faithful to God and we, today, are blessed through him. Blessings do flow from a devoted life. We can see them and they are blessings to others. Is there an area of your life in which you need to work a little more to be like Abraham and Sarah?

The parable of the Sower is excellent for evaluation your life. Jesus uses it to recognize the different types of people, but this parable may reflect oneself. How is your life like seeds on the path, seeds on the rocky ground, seeds among thorns, seeds on rich soil? We all have a little of each in the course of our life. Don't be shy about recognizing the seeds on rich soil that you are. Don't deny the Light that you are. Blessings!

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