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January 15 Genesis 33-36 & Mark 6:1-13

Forgiveness is an amazing gift. Jacob knew or so he thought, that Essu would exact revenge. Yet Esau ran to meet him (Jacob), embraced him, and flinging himself on his neck, kissed him as he wept." Have you experienced such forgiveness? Have you, or do you need to offer such forgiveness? The rape of Dinah is a tragic event. Justice is required. Why is this story in the Bible? God again shows us that evil is in our midst. In the rape of Dinah and in the slaughter of all the men and enslavement of the women and children of Hamor. It is not about the historical reality that God did or would desire. This story brings us an important truth, that evil and unbelief cannot be flirted with. There is no room in your life for even a little evil. It is part of our daily work to turn away from sin and know that God will lead us away from evil. Do you have gods in your life that are of your own making? May you seek this day the One True God.

If you strive to grow in living your faith, there will be people who will reject you to your face and behind your back. It saddens our hearts when other's don't see what we see. You are a Missionary Disciple of Jesus Christ. You are to live your faith, grow in your faith. Often people reject others because they are challenged by your example and don't want to face it. Know what is right! Do what is right! Even Jesus was rejected, you are indeed in good company!

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