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January 16 Genesis 37-39 & Mark 6:14-29

Joseph experiences the sin of his brothers. They are jealous of his relationship with their father to the point of wanting him dead. Sin is a dead end literally and figuratively. Their statement, "After all, he is our brother, our own flesh,” does it make any sense? How is your relationship with your brothers and sisters? What could you do with God's help to improve your relationship with a brother or sister? Sin never is the last word. For God is greater than our sin. Even though Joseph's brothers had sinned against him and then his Egyptian masters wife sinned against him, Joseph worked with God's will and brought about good.

When good people sin their conscience is a place where God's voice can speak to them. Heriod does not or will not listen to his conscience. When he hears about Jesus all he can think about is John. He cannot see or hear the good that is before him. Could Herod have repented of his sin and followed Jesus - Absolutely. Did he - No. So one day he will only sin again and do to Jesus what he did to John. Be attentive to your conscience today and see where God leads you. Then at the time of your night prayers check in and see the good God helped you live.

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