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January 24 Exodus 9-10 & Mark 9:30-50

Happy Feast Day to all my Parishioners of St. Francis de Sales in Idabel Oklahoma.

Are you smarter than a Pharaoh? It really isn’t about being smart or not. It does challenge us to see how obstinate we are. When we choose to not reconsider our judgments or decisions that are contributing to or directly causing separations between our self and others – you may find yourself at odds with God. Which will mainly manifest itself in you becoming a tired, angry, old and sad individual? You may be tempted to say, “God hardened my heart I have no choice.” We hear that on the part of Pharaoh, “But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart.” – really? No God did not do that Pharaoh did. Remember that the Israelites have only One God. Not two or three or more gods a god of this and that a god who would cause us to do bad or good. Since everything comes from the one God, even bad things get ultimately attributed to God. We know better. It would be easier if we could blame God and not take the responsibility that is ours. But we know better. Can traumatic or glorious events be signs for us on where to turn to be closer to God, other and self – Yes. Do keep your eyes open recognize the signs – good or bad – and do what the Lord God asks of you today.

Mark takes us to the other end of the spectrum. A Missionary Disciple is not out to obtain prestige or honor or riches. It is about being a servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “ “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.” Oh, by the way, there is no in-between, I just want to be fourth or fiftieth. It’s all or nothing. Yes – all or nothing. We will sin by commission or omission and probably more often by omission. Choose today to live the life of Christ. Be his Missionary Disciple to those you are with today. If you fall short and need forgiveness, our Lord Jesus will forgive you and His Holy Spirit will strengthen you so you can find glory in being a loved servant of God the Father on the road (not there yet), but on the road to heaven.

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