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February 8 Exodus 39-40 and Mark 16

Over these last chapters of Exodus, we have heard lots of words that apply to our church and worship today. The ark of the covenant was placed in the Tabernacle of the tent of meeting. For us as Catholic Christians, the Eucharist that is used for communion of the sick and for times of adoration is placed in the Tabernacle of the Church. At St. Francis de Sales the Tabernacle is behind the Altar this is a more traditional placement. Because it is center front, it is appropriate to reverence the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist by genuflecting if possible or at least bowing as you both enter the Church and as you exit the Church. Parents I especially encourage you to help your children respect the Lord’s presence. Again, I am very grateful to all who helped renovate our worship space. It is beautiful, and it is a wonderful place to meet our God. I know reading these last chapter of Exodus has not been easy and Leviticus will also test you, but It is God’s Word and it is good to have prayed through it all.

Bishop Barron in his Catholicism series stated that the words amazed and afraid indicated that you were talking about God. The women were amazed and afraid as they confronted the empty tomb and the angle. Jesus, the Son of God, had risen. What seems to follow is unbelief. That helps in some way. I have my doubts at times, fortunately, they are brief, and I again find strength in my faith, but, like me those who actually walked and talked and saw Jesus had their doubts. I haven’t had Jesus appear to me as he ultimately did for his first disciples, but I have had signs as the Irish would say the thin veil between earth and heaven was lifted for a moment. Have you had moments touched by Jesus that gave you strength or courage to go on? If so offer thanks, if not pray to keep your heart and mind open to Jesus presence among us. For he has risen!

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