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February 9 Leviticus 1-3 & Romans 1:1-17

The sacrifices are as a sweet-smelling oblation to the Lord. Is there a way to hear God’s command for sacrifice today that would make sense from our Christian perspective? Well, Lent is coming. This coming Wednesday Lent begins. Our physical bodies will one day return to the dust of the earth. From that perspective, our whole life is to be offered as a sweet-smelling oblation to the Lord. May we use these few days before the start of Lent to prepare our hearts and minds by looking over our life. And if we find some area that is not so sweet-smelling to the Lord may we have the courage to work on it starting in Lent so that at Easter time we may rise with Christ as an oblation to the Lord.

Romans is one of the few letters Paul writes before actually being with them. He has heard of their good, but he will now set before them the good news of Jesus Christ. He does this to make sure they are on the right path. May we too use this letter to the Romans to reaffirm our faith in Jesus Christ. I love the words Paul uses as greeting, “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” I pray that you may be one with our God in his peace. It is a privilege to be a priest and witness the faith of so many people. So many of you have survived trial and trouble and draw on your faith for strength and courage. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have what we need for our time here on earth. What do you need from Jesus?

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