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February 20 Leviticus 27 & Romans 10-11

There is value to human life. So, understand you are not to take life, but honor it as a gift from God. Be it your own life or the life of another. When we hear “that Christ died once for all,” for me that means no one else’s life is to be taken. Life is a precious gift from God. All the things of the world around us are to be respected as blessings from God. How much stuff is enough stuff for one to have? I would like to say if you must ask the question you probably have more than you need. The idea of the common good is important to keep in mind. What I want or need is in support of the common good our my selfish needs or wants? I am a sinner – I have too much stuff. I pray to find better balance.

Have you prayed for the salvation of another person? May we pray as Paul states that our family member or friend or enemy may know that the Word is near in fact in their heart. They need look no further. But if they are not seeing Christ within, help them to see it in them. It is our opportunity to help them see what Christ sees. God never rejects us. God seeks our response of love to his love. No one is beyond the love of God. Trust that in your heart and if the occasion arises help your neighbor in need to know that too. I greatly appreciate Paul’s image of the branch (us – as gentiles) being grafted onto people of Israel. We are ALL God’s chosen people, first the Israelites then the rest of us. “For the gift and the call of God are irrevocable.” “For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.”

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