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February 28 Num. 22-24 & Hebrews 4:1-13

No god or curse can defeat the God of Israel. For the Israelites, God works in many ways. So, when their enemy tries to invoke a curse on them. God does not block the curse or change it or miraculous protect Israel from it. Instead, God talks to the enemy and commands them to bless the Israelites only. God can talk and work with anyone or anything, enemies included and donkeys of your enemies. God spreads his protective wings over the Israelites. Do you have any enemies God needs to talk to their donkey? You have to read the Scripture for today to understand. Can you see God’s hand at work around you to keep your faith strong?

Hebrews remind us to listen for the voice of the Lord and not to harden our hearts. Give the Lord some quiet time so you may hear his voice in your heart. Strive to honor the Sabbath rest. Do you really need to work on Sunday? If your employer requires you to work on Sunday, it is his sin, not yours. God would not want you to lose your job and put yourself and or your family in jeopardy. Yes, there is a “but” coming, but it is worth your time and your families to honor the Sabbath rest. You and your family need to pray together, read a little Bible together and play together, etc. on this non-work day. You are worth it, and if you have a family, they are worth your Sabbath rest with them.

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