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March 4 Deuteronomy 1-3 & Heb. 8:1-9:10

The Book of Deuteronomy will recount the Exodus from a different perspective. Note that in this book Mount Sinai is called Mount Horeb. Same mountain different name. God respects his commitments. Those he made to Esau and those to Lot. The Israelites learned to listen and obey the voice of God. In the context of taking possession of the land, they avoided a battle with those the Lord told them to avoid and the conquered those whom the Lord said to engage. From our Baptism, we have had a relationship with the Lord. Have you discerned the voice of God in any of your past decisions? God does want you to know his will. May you be open to his guidance this day.

Jesus has lovingly placed himself at the service of his people. Jesus is the new covenant that we are to have written on our hearts. He knows us, and we know him. We have and are reading his Holy Word. Do his will in all things.

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