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March 15 Joshua 1-4 & 1 Peter 3:13-22

With the death of Moses, Joshua is called to lead the Israelites in the promised land. The people are reassured that God is with them. Change is never easy, especially at dramatic moments in our lives. It is with the help of God that the Israelites and us weather change. Most would simply label Rahab as unclean and to be avoided at all cost because she was a prostitute. But her faith in the God of Israel has made her an ally whose help made the difference between life and death. It would be wise on our part to learn here that God works through whom he wills, and we would do us well not to close off paths that God may choose to use for our benefit. As the Israelites used the memorial stones to remember the great act of God at the Jordan River, we place before our eyes the cross of Christ with a crucified body on it. Not an idol, not something we worship, but a visual reminder of the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

Suffering for your Christian beliefs will be more and more a reality in the world we live in. If you stand up for Christ, you will suffer. 1 Peter 3:15, “. . . sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts” know the strength of this verse. It is what Jesus died on the cross; he sanctified the Father as Lord of his heart. He trusted that the Father would not let death have the final word. His trust was not in vain. Jesus did suffer and die, but it was not the end. We will suffer, but it will not be the end.

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