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March 26 Judges 20-21 & 1 Cor 7:25-40

Judges 20:3, “How did this evil thing happen?” Sad but true we allow or cooperate with evil at times. We call that sin. It is rare that one sin does not lead to another and another and on and on. It is the sad nature of sin. Some of the worse sin in us happens in our own home’s or to our own family’s. This is the case for Israel in the book of Judges. Don’t forget sin begets sin. Also, a sad by-product of sin is blame and all too often God is blamed. God does not do what is evil. God is love.

Time is running out! That is what we can pray for today. What is time running out on in our lives? Is it a broken relationship? Is it an opportunity to forgive? The blessing to say the words I love you to the one you love? Pray for the heart of Jesus Christ. Then freed from anxiety you may do what the Lord has blessed you to do. In my opinion, you would be wise to listen with head and heart to our Lord Jesus and follow in his ways.

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