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March 28 1 Samuel 1-2 & 1 Cor. 9:1-18

Hannah poured her heart out to the Lord in First Samuel. Have you ever poured your heart out to the Lord? Hannah found great solace before God. Mary, the mother of Jesus, brings to full voice Hannah ’s prayer to God. In 1 Sam 2:1f we still hear how God punish Both women were people of great faith, and both have son’s dedicated to God. Samuel was the last Judge and Jesus, at long last, fulfills the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah.

Why do you do what the Lord commands? Is it the fear of Hell? Are you putting on a show? Do you feel stuck and nowhere to go? There can be many reasons for following Jesus some not so good and others that speak the truth of the heart. Paul was compelled to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. He did so as he says free of charge. He wasn’t in it for the money. This passage helped to shape our Church’s tradition of paying modest salaries to its priests. The question is still there for you and I. Why do we follow Jesus? Are our acts of faith showing our pridefulness or the heart of Christ? Bonus question do you know what the “f” means above after 1 Sam 2:1f?

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